Recruitment process

The nbn® graduate recruitment journey is a step by step process to allow you to get to know our organisation and understand the Graduate Program in more depth. The process is also designed to ensure that we effectively identify, match and understand your knowledge, skills and capabilities. Interested? You will be asked to partake in the activities detailed below as part of our selection process:
Step one: Apply online

Apply online

Applicants will need to apply online for the 2023 Graduate Program. Before you begin your application, ensure that you have your resume and academic transcript ready. The application asks you for several written responses, most importantly why you want to work at nbn. Please apply for the stream that applies to your degree and interest, you only need to apply once.

Step 2: online assessment

Online assessment

Once we have reviewed your resume against the selection criteria, successful applicants will be invited to complete an online assessment. This can be completed at home or wherever you can log in online.

Step 3: Digital interview

Digital interview

If successful, you will be asked to complete a digital interview; this is your time to shine. Answer specific questions about your interest in joining nbn, your skills and experience.

Step four: Attend an assessment centre

Attend an assessment centre

Candidates who reach this stage will be invited to attend an assessment centre. This is an opportunity to learn more about nbn, the Graduate Program and for you to demonstrate your skills. Be prepared to participate in presentations and group activities with other candidates throughout the assessment centre. 

Step 5: interviews


As part of the assessment centre, candidates will be invited to meet with business leaders to expand on their experience and demonstrate key skills and behaviours.

Step 6: Background checks

Background checks

If successful following the interview, candidates will progress to background checks. 

Step 7: offer


If you are successful through all steps of the selection process we will present you with an offer of employment. We will stay in contact with you from here up until your start date. 

Staying in touch throughout the process

We will stay in touch with you each relevant step along the way. Make sure you check your registered email address regularly and if you change your email address don’t forget to update it on your online profile. If you are unsuccessful at any stage throughout the recruitment process, we will let you know. We encourage unsuccessful candidates to keep their eye on our nbn careers page for other opportunities.

Our assessment tools may be able to be adjusted in accordance with your needs; please contact us on if you wish to discuss further.